Natural Korean For English.

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Rule5. You can say in Yours. It's an exchange, not a lecture.

자기 나라 말을 해도 괜찮아요. 언어 교환이지, 강의가 아니니까요.

I am worried about it. When I meet a non-english and talk in english, They use just english, foget their native languague. But If you set your app properly, I and other koreans wanna learn your languague. Koreans are here to exchange languagues, not to lecture. It's just a joke but also true.

It means that you are at least a languague master. You are the Natural Born Native. Do you get stuck? Just use your mastery. You can mix your languague with korean too.

As I said, Let Korean talk to you in your languague. Do koreans make mistakes? Does it look or sound awkward? Give koreans feedback. We also learn words and grammar, pronunciation, culture... one by one. Grow and Bloom.


I really hope so. See you next time. Let us really talk.


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