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How to change verb to noun? here is the rules

The rules are here. They will guide you. But it is still hard to understand. Actually ~하기 and ~함 are slightly different. But I don't explain about it now.

You can just see these rules and examples now. You will forget. Later you can memorize and practice them one by one. I will make their flash cards for you.


If the word came from chinese, we can just omit the 해요.

  • 공부工夫해요 study <= 공부 studying
    • 수학 공부 studying math
  • 인정認定해요 admit, recognize, concede <= 인정 admission, recognition.
    • 동성애자 인정 homosexual recognition
  • 교육敎育해요 teach <= 교육 eduaction
    • 성인 교육 adult education

But you can use ~하기 too.

  • 수학을 공부하기, 동성애자를 인정하기, 성인을 교육하기

You can do the same to some korean words too. They are came from the nouns.

  • 사랑 => 사랑해요.
    • 자식 사랑 = 자식을 사랑하기 Loving one's children.
  • 생각 => 생각해요
    • 깊은 생각 deep thought, 깊이 생각하기 to think deeply

We can replaec the word's '다' to 음, 움. +ㅁ. You will learn about 하다/합니다 style at Topic3

  • the word come from adjective. We can replace -는 or 은 with -음
    • 있는 exist
      • => ~가 있음, 있기 (the fact or concept) that ~ be exist
      • => 있어요, 있다 exist
    • 좋은 good
      • =>~가 좋음, 좋기 (the fact or cocept) that A be good
      • => 좋아요, 좋다
  • when the final consonant is ㅂ, we replace the ㅂ + ~다 with ~움
    • 아름답다 beautiful
      • => ~가 아름다움, 아름답기 the concept that ~ be beautiful
    • 어렵다 difficult
      • => ~가 어려움​, 어렵기  the concept that ~ be difficult
  • the word are originally verb, We can replace ~다 with +ㅁ
    • 해요, 하다. do => 함, 하기 [doing ~]
    • 좋아하다 like => 좋아함, 좋아하기 [to like~]
    • 사랑하다 love => 사랑함, 사랑하기 [loving ~]
    • 알다, 알아요 know => 앎, 알기 [to know ~]
    • 살다, 살아요 live => 삶, 살기 [living ~]
    • 지나다, 지나가요 pass => 지남, 지나기 [to pass ~]
    • 나오다, 나와요 get out => 나옴, 나오기 [getting out ~]
    • ...

But there are ilregulars. They are examples.

  • 하고싶다, 하고싶어요 want to => ~하고싶음, 하기 [to want to~]
  • 받다, 받아요 get => 받음, 받기 [to get ~]
  • 듣다, 들어요 listen => 들음, 듣기 [listening ~]
  • 착하다, 착해요 be good => 착함, 착하기 [to be good]
  • 넣다, 넣어요 put in  => 넣음, 넣기 [putting ~ in ~]
  • 중요하다 be important => 중요함, 중요하기 [to be important]
  • 굽다 bake, roast => 구움, 굽기 [baking~], [roasting ~]
  • 대해요, 대하다 treat, see => 대함, 대하기 [to treat~] [to see ~]


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