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RED. If you want harder and more natural...

3. Only If you want... You can improve.

If you are still a beginner, Jump these red parts.

You aren't a novice anymore? You can upgrade the simple sentences with more grammars and words.

In the original sentence, there were "While~" and "be certain to". But in sentence we made, just ignored it. If you mastered the basics. You can go to higher level.

  • while = ~하는 동안.
  • and = ~고 / ~와
  • be certain to = ~할 것이 확실하다 = ~할 것이 확실해요.
  • ~할 것이다 = ~할 거에요 is used to express future tense in korean. And "to~" implies future direction. It is one of the differences between "to~" and "~ing".

"자전거를 타는 동안, 수도의 새로운 거리와 다른 풍경을 발견할 것이 확실해요."

4. Do you want more? You can adjust something.

Can we do more? Yes, we can.

Koreans don't like for "~것" to be subject of sentence. Koreans want the subject to be living thing as long as we can. In the original, the subject was "you", living human. But we omitted "you", change the word order, and we use "~할 것" to translate "to~". The subject of the sentence is now the information, non-living thing.

But we can solve this ploblem. Change adjectvie ~할 것이 확실한certain => into verb ~하리라 확신해요. be sure that, strongly believe that.

Now there isn't "~것" anymore. The subject is me (who tell the sentence), living thing.

"자전거를 타는 동안, 수도의 새로운 거리와 다른 풍경을 발견하리라 확신해요."

5. You can speak like koreans, not translate.

But I think that simple is better than a long complex sentence. I can say more directly, but in concise way.

"파리에 가면 차보다 자전거를 타보세요. 색다른 거리와 풍경을 만나시리라 믿어요."

"If you go to the Paris, Try to ride a bicycle rather than a car. It's because You will encounter diffrent from ordinary and colorful streets and views."

As you see, The long english sentence is more concise in korean.

  • You can just omit "you" or "I".
  • Koreans don't use articles(a or the) every time.
  • Comparison is easy. "rather than a car" => "차a car + 보다rather than"
  • Yon can just change the verb form. You don't need new word like"if", "try to", "It's because" but 
    • "가you go" =>가 "If you go"
    • "타요. ride" + -시-(honoriffic) => 타세요 => 타세요 try to ride".
    • you will learn about them at [한국어 배우기 둘] - [Topic2 Future Tense]
  • You can use rich korean words.
    • 다른 different => 색다른 different, so not ordinary and colorful. 색 means "colors" in korean. You can add rich meanings just by adding one charater.
  • You can use synonyms like  "파리 paris,the capital of france." "만나요 meet, encounter","믿어요believe, be sure". 수도首都, 발견發見, 확신確信 are words from chinese. They feel more strict. They are not commonly used in spoken style.


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