Natural Korean For English.

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Rule3. Just make a lot of mistakes. So I can give you a feedback.

실수를 막 저지르세요! 그러면 피드백을 드릴게요.

Koreans can understand it. you successed to say what you mean.

Of course. Some parts of the sentenses look or sound stange to koreans. I highlighted the awkward parts in strong letters.

But you don't need exactly right grammar now. You don't need to have every knowledges at first. In fact, You can't. Koreans doesn't hate you because of it. In fact koreans have same fear to mistake.

Remember. We can make mistakes. We can be awkward. It's because we are not natural born native at foreign languague. If so, it's not your foreign languague... It's so obvious, right?

I also still make a lot of mistakes like you. Yesterday i said same as"I still have mistakes a lot. Please give me feedback, When I do." Then the native gave me a feedback. (and this was written as"gives". Tense mistake...) I realized that It is wrong and awkward! I can write it in right way now. Thanks to him and his feedback.


You can make same mistake again. It takes time to get used to it. Me too. Even though I know what the tense is and got a lot of feedbacks. I still sometimes use the present tense where I have to use the past tense. We are animals of forgetting. Forget and Review. Our memories become stronger. It is a natural part of learning process.


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