TED - 아이팟 마술

하루에 조금씩, 부담없이 공부해요 ^^

TED - 아이팟 마술 하루에 조금씩, 부담없이 공부해요 ^^

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참여하신 분


이제 귀에 딱지가 앉겠다 싶은데도 여전히 들을 때마다 새롭다는....

So the type of magic I like, and I am a musician, is magic that uses technologist create illusion.
So I would like to show you something I am working on.
It's application that I think will be usesful for artist, multimedia artist in particular.
It's syncronizes videos across multiple screen mobile devices.
At I borrowed three iPods people here in the audience show you what I mean.
And I'm going to use them do tell you 얼리럴빗 about my favorite subject: deception.
                                                      (요런 부분은 이렇게 써주시고 넘어가셔도 좋아요 :


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