TED - 아이팟 마술

하루에 조금씩, 부담없이 공부해요 ^^

TED - 아이팟 마술 하루에 조금씩, 부담없이 공부해요 ^^

아이팟 마술 (2) - 2

다음을 듣고 받아쓰기 해봅시다 ^^

mp3 다운받기 : https://github.com/grizlupo/engfordev/tree/master/TED/ipod_magic/2

참여하신 분


One of my favor(ite?) magician is 칼 즈메이.
He had wonderful trick where are rose booth what 브룸 lighting from your eyes.
But it was production of butterfly that was the most beautiful.
Ladies and gentleman, the creation of life.
One 에스트 about deception he seat this.

역시나 쉬운 일이 아닙니다.


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