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Topic 6 Future Tense. What are you going to do on this weekend?

  1. 주말에 뭐해요? What are you going to do on this weekend?
    1. 주말 = weekend
    2. ~에 = on, at
  2. 아, 이삿짐을 싸려고요. Ah, I am going to pack for moving
    1. 아 = an interjection. When the one suddenly recall a forgetting. In the context, She forgot to tell her neighbor that she is going to move.
    2. ~하려고요. = want to do~, will~, be going to~, decide to~
  3. 어디, 가요? Will you go somewhere?
    1. 어디. = somewhere, where.
    2. the phrase also can mean "Where are you going?". But in the context, the one wants to know if she is moving.
  4. 내년에 학교 졸업하거든요. It's because I am going to graduate my school next year.
    1. ~하거든요. = It's because... (tell something they didn't know, or forgget.)
    2. ~하잖아요. = It's because... (express that they already know the thing)
    3. ~해서요. =  it's because... (want to emphasize the reason)
  5. 오, 이제 취직하니까 독립하는군요? I see, now then You will get a job, So You're moving out the home, right?
    1. 오. = I see.
    2. 이제 = now then
    3. ~하니까 = Because ~, do ~ So...
    4. ~하는군요? = do ~, right? (now understand something, or the reason)
  6. 그렇죠. 다음 달에 비올렛에 면접 봐요. Yes. I am going to have an interview on Violet next month.
    1. 그렇죠. = As you said, the way, Yes, you're right
    2. 봐요 = 보아요's shorten form.
    3. 면접을 보아요 = have an interview
    4. 다음 달에 = next month
  7. 비올렛이면 괜찮네요. 합격하면 좋겠네요. 응원할 게요. (If the company you will apply is)Violet(, It) is okay (to apply to it. I think so too.) I hope you pass the interview. I will support (or pray for) you.
    1. ~이면 = if
    2. ~하네요. (agree, think so too, Now I understand why you did that)
    3. ~하겠네요. (I think or guess that) ... (be going to, will)
    4. ~할 게요 = 할 거에요 (I think or guess that) ... (will, be going to)
    5. 응원하다 / 응원해요 support, cheer, (or pray for)
  8. 당연하죠. 꼭 붙을 거에요. 반드시 사원증을 목에 걸고야 말겠어요. Of course. I (really hope that I) will pass the interview. For sure, I will wear my employee card around my neck.
    1. 당연하죠. of course, sure, It is obvious.
    2. 붙다, 붙어요 = stick, adhere, pass (exam, test, interview)
    3. 꼭, 반드시 surely, certainly, without fail... (even if there are some obstacles)
    4. ~하고야 말겠다 / ~하고야 말겠어요. = will, be going to (I know that there are obstacles, but I will overcome them)
  9. 와. 그러면 부모님도 기뻐하시겠어요. Wa, Then your parents will be happy.
    1. 부모님 = parents
    2. ~하겠어요 <= ~하겠어요's more honoriffic = ~하겠네요


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