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Topic 5 Past tense. I bought a BTS's albumn.

Today's conversations 방탄소년탄의 앨범을 샀어요.

  1. 오늘 뭘 했어요? What did you do today?
    1. 오늘 Today, 어제 Yesterday, 내일 tomorrow
    2. 했다 / 했어요 past tense of 하다/해요.
  2. 아침으로 시리얼을 먹었어요. 집을 청소했어요. I ate a cerial for a breakfast. I cleaned my home.
    1. 아침 morning, breakfast.
      1. ​아침에 아침을 먹었어요. I ate a breakfast in the morning
    2. ~으로 as
    3. ​집 house, home
    4. 청소 cleaning, 청소하다/해요 clean
  3. 점심을 먹고 설거지를 했어요. I had a lunch and then washed the dishes.
    1. 점심 lunch, around noon 저녁 evening, dinner 밤 night
    2. ~하고 do ~ and then... => 먹고 eat ~ and then
    3. 설거지 = washing the dishes, 설거지하다 해요 wash dishes
  4. 좋아하는 케이팝 아이돌의 앨범 배달왔어요. My favorite kpop idol's album is deliverd
    1. 좋아하는 which I like, favorite
    2. 케이팝kpop, 아이돌Idol, 앨범 album, 팬fan, 덕후 otaku
    3. 배달 delivery 배달하다/배달해요 
  5. 예약구매로 미리 샀거든요. It is possible because I bought it in advance by pre-order.
    1. ​예약구매 pre-order
    2. ~로 by
    3. 미리 in advance, early
    4. 사다 / 사요 buy => 샀다 / 샀어요 bought
    5. ~했거든요. It is possible because I did ~
  6. 오, 어떤 아이돌을 좋아하세요? What Idol do you like?
    1. 어떤~ what~ => 어떤을 X, 무엇을, 어떤 ~을 O
    2. ~하세요? => 하다 + -시-. Adding -시- is also a way of honorific. It is used to respect the subject, 'You'. Usaully It isn't necessary.
      1. ex 안녕해요? How are you -> 안녕하세요. Hello. (How are you)
  7. 전 BTS의 팬이에요. I am a fan of BTS.
    1. ~의 of
  8. 예전에 앨범을 모두 가지고 있었어요. In the past, I had all of their albums 
    1. 예전에는 In the past, previously
      1. 옛 of the past, old. 옛날, 예전 the past, the old times
        1. 늙은 old (in age). 늙은이 old peole. 늙다/늙어요 be getting old 늙었다/늙었어요. be old
        2. 오래된, old (friend, things...) 오랫동안 for a long time 오랜 만이에요 Long time no see!
    2. 가지다 = 가지고 있다/가지고 있어요 have
      1. 가져요 give
      2. 제 사랑을 가져요! Have my Love! = I give you my love! = My love is yours!
    3. 모두, 전부 all, all of
      1. 내 전부를 너에게 줄게. I give you all of me.
    4. ~ 했었다 / ~했었어요 = did ~ in the past But don't ~ now.
  9. 같은 앨범 종류 다양해서, 많이 사야 했어요. Because there were various kinds of even same album, I had to buy a lot.
    1. 같은 same => A와 B는 같다/같아요 A and B are the same
    2. ~도 also, even
    3. 종류 kind, type
      1. 다양하다 = There are various of ~, 다양한 various
      2. 종류가 다양하다 There are various kinds of ~
    4. ~해서 Because ~
    5. 많이 a lot => 많은 a lot of. 많다/많아요 be a lot
  10. 하지만 지금 오직 한 가지만 사요. But now I buy only one.
    1. 지금 now
    2. ~ 하지만 but
      1. 너를 사랑하지만 미안해. I love you but I am sorry.
    3. n 가지 n (kinds of)
      1. 한 가지 one (kind of) 두 가지 two (kinds of) 세 가지 three (kinds of)
      2. 여러 가지 several (kinds of)
    4. 오직 ~만 only
  11. BTS의 노래 중에서 특히 [봄날] 좋아요. Among BTS's songs, [Spring Days] is especially good
    1. ~중에 among
    2. 특히 especially


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  1. Taehee Kim
    Thanks! my mistake. A Big mistake. haha. I wrote "둘. Past and Future." Then "Fast tense". Then "in the past"... Maybe I just thought the ㅍpronunciation at the time.
    • Sasho
      It's called Past tense:

      Past = 과거
      Fast = 빠른
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