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  1. tukacipo
    There was a group of us, all lads on a night out in the city centre. In total it was just six of us that night. With four of the group, already married, we were 'allowed' out by their wives. No lap dancing clubs, we were not into them. No strippers, we knew nowhere like that. Nowhere that had barmaids in skimpy outfits, that one bar was a dump anyway. So that left me and Simon, on the lookout. Apart, for one huge thing. Simon was gay, and almost married. So the majority were all loved up, all I could hope for that night was to have a good laugh.

    It was a great night so far, and in our latest bar, the lads thought it amusing to get me a shot each, and they had them lined up on the counter. "I need to have a piss before I try them."

    I was told to hurry up, so we could hit the next place.

    When I come out of the gents, they were all getting ready to go. "Hurry up, we'll get you one in."

    I thought that they were a bunch of cunts for doing that. Anyway I had these drinks to get down my neck.

    I had just touched the first glass on my lips. "Do you need any help with them?"

    I nearly choked.

    Turning around, there stood Alison. Looking as gorgeous as ever.

    Alison and me had been a couple for a few years, living together for two of them. Everyone thought that we would be next to get married. I even thought about it.

    Until I got caught out kissing some woman. For revenge Ali kissed a bloke, let him get his hand in her knickers, and she then told me all about it.

    We split up not long after. Although I still checked up on her, some would call it spying. On her social pages. The problem with that was, she never posted anything. Her profile picture was the one I took of her years ago.
    In fact, the main reason that I was still single was I could not find another woman who could live up to Ali.

    I gave Ali two of the remaining shots, we said 'cheers'.

    "What brings you out here alone tonight?"

    "I'm meeting some friends, I think I've missed them though, I'm running late."

    That was a lie. She is the only woman that I know, who would say a time and she would always be there five minutes before.

    "If I wasn't in company then I would have waited with you, until they turned up or gave you a ring."

    "Your mates are not here."

    "I know where they have gone though."

    "Do you not want a drink with me before you go?"

    "I'll get us one then I'm away." "Still on the same?"


    We, or she moved us to a quieter spot.

    There was an awkward pause. I took the time to give her a good looking over. She is still as beautiful, now though she carried a bit more weight. It filled her out wonderfully.

    I realised that I was beginning to lust after her, with the drink I could make that mistake. Note to self. 'You are going home alone.'

    "So are you seeing anyone?"

    "No can't seem to find Mr right." "And you?"

    "Honestly never been looking, just been keeping my head down and working hard."

    I had already had too much to drink, I was finding it hard not to just kiss her, I'm sure she would have let me. I had to stay strong.

    We chatted about all sorts, and nothing. We had another drink too.
    "I'm sorry but I should be on my way, early start."

    "Will I see you again?"

    "I don't know probably."

    "When, tomorrow?"
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