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  1. rothayato
    He pulled me into the room towards the sofa. He yanked off a guy that sat there and sat down with me on his lap. Both his hands were immediately cupping and squeezing my tits. When he pulled my nipples, I felt it in my groin. My pre-cum started to flow.

    We watched Chad and the bimbo. Her arms were around Chad's neck and held a pair of bright, candy apple red panties. Chad's pants were pushed down around his thighs. I'm pretty sure they were fucking but couldn't really tell since the bimbo's short skirt covered them .

    "Okay, you pervs! Get out!" Brad ordered the spectators and directed them out. "We want some privacy."

    I tried to leave with the crowd, but was prevented by Brad at the entry. Everyone scurried out the room; after the last guy exited, Brad shut the door. There was a big smile on his face. He beckoned me... ordered me over to him with a crooked finger. Even with my high heels on, he was still a bit taller than I was.
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