Artificial Intelligence Course Module

Artificial Intelligence Course Module

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Module 01 - Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

1.1 Field of machine learning, its impact on the field to learn artificial intelligence

1.2 The benefits of machine learning w.r.t. Traditional methodologies

1.3 Deep learning introduction and how it is different from all other machine learning methods

1.4 Classification and regression in supervised learning

1.5 Clustering and association in unsupervised learning, algorithms that are used in these categories

1.6 Introduction to ai and neural networks

1.7 Machine learning concepts

1.8 Supervised learning with neural networks

1.9 Fundamentals of statistics, hypothesis testing, probability distributions, and hidden Markov models.

Module 02 - Multi-layered Neural Networks​

2.1 Multi-layer network introduction, regularization, deep neural networks

2.2 Multi-layer perceptron

2.3 Overfitting and capacity

2.4 Neural network hyperparameters, logic gates

2.5 Different activation functions used in neural networks, including relu, softmax, sigmoid and hyperbolic functions

2.6 Backpropagation, forward propagation, convergence, hyperparameters, and overfitting.

Module 03 - Artificial Neural Networks and Various Methods

3.1 Various methods that are used to train artificial neural networks

3.2 Perceptron learning rule, gradient descent rule, tuning the learning rate, regularization techniques, optimization techniques


3.3 Stochastic process, vanishing gradients, transfer learning, regression techniques,

3.4 Lasso l1 and ridge l2, unsupervised pre-training, xavier initialization.

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The entire Module of this AI course is developed by leading AI professionals to help you find the best artificial intelligence engineering job at the top MNCs. During the certification training, you will work on real-world projects that will help evaluate your skills and learning in real-time business scenarios, thus helping you accelerate your career effortlessly.

Upon the completion of this artificial intelligence course in Chennai, there will be quizzes that reflect the type of questions asked in the certification examination and will help you score better.

Intellipaat Course Completion Certification will be awarded on the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 60 percent marks in the quiz. Intellipaat certification is well recognized in top 80+ MNCs like Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, Sony, Mu Sigma, Saint-Gobain, Standard Chartered, TCS, Genpact, Hexaware, etc.


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