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Other words and phrases to help you talk about sleep in English:

>Snooze button
Meaning: large button on alarm clock, if you press it the alarm will go off again 10 minutes later (So you can sleep for 10 more minutes.)
Example: I hit the snooze button four times this morning.

Meaning: the usual or normal time someone goes to bed
Example: The kid’s bedtime is 8pm.

>At the crack of dawn
Meaning: sunrise, at the first day’s light
Example: My husband gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work.

>Sleep like a baby
Meaning: sleep well, sleep like a baby
Example: I was so tired last night; I slept like a baby.

Meaning: A series of thoughts and images occurring in a person’s mind during sleep
Example: My daughter dreamed she was a bird.

Meaning: a frightening,scary or bad dream
Example: My son wakes up screaming from nightmares almost every night.

>Morning person/early bird
Meaning: a person that likes to wake up early, feels energetic and is happy
Example: My mom is a morning person. She loves getting up early.

>Night owl
Meaning: a person who finds it easy to stay up late at night; a person who is active and energetic at night
Example: My boyfriend is a night owl. He never goes to bed before 2am.

>Sleep together/sleep with
Meaning: have sexual relations, to be sexual partners
Example: I slept with the girl I met at the bar last night.


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