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12 Other Ways To Say "Nice”
Nice, as the dictionary tells us has 3 main
1) When something or someone gives you
pleasure, satisfaction, or it is pleasant or 
2) When a person is good-natured or kind.
3) When there is a difference and one side
is slightly better.

Here are other ways to say nice:

1. Enjoyable
 |ɪnˈdʒɔɪəb(ə)l, ɛnˈdʒɔɪəb(ə)l| Adj
An activity or occasion.
"We had an enjoyable afternoon at the park."

2. Pleasurable
Something pleasing or enjoyable
"Reading is a pleasurable activity."

3. Thoughtful
 |ˈθɔːtfʊl, ˈθɔːtf(ə)l| Adj
When someone shows consideration for others.
"It was such a thoughtful present."

4. Courteous
|ˈkəːtɪəs| Adj
Someone polite and respectful
"He is so courteous to everybody."

5. Lovely
 |ˈlʌvli| Adj
Something or someone very beautiful or attractice.
"The view was lovely"

6. Likeable
|ˈlʌɪkəb(ə)l| adj
A pleasant, friendly and easy to like person.
"He is likeable."

7. Pleasing
 |ˈpliːzɪŋ| adj
Satisfying or appealing
"Her exam score was very pleasing.

8. Gracious
|ˈɡreɪʃəs| adj
Courteous, kind and pleasant
"England were gracious in their defeat to
the better team from Iceland."

9. Congenial
|kənˈdʒiːnɪəl| adj
Pleased or liked because the interests are similar.
"I would like some more congenial company."

10. Cordial
 |ˈkɔːdɪəl| adj
Warm and friendly
"The bar has such a cordial atmosphere."

11. Admirable
 |ˈadm(ə)rəb(ə)l| adj
Deserving respect and approval
"Loyalty is his most admirable quality."

12. Considerate
 |kənˈsɪd(ə)rət| adj
Careful not to inconvenience others.
"He is so considerate; carrying her bag."


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